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2008-02-28 09:29:11 by s0uLzKiD

Natural disaster that cannot avoid even you are a disaster pro.

Crap.....History and Physic...@_@....

Gotta hard working now....

Happy New Yaer

2008-01-05 06:18:42 by s0uLzKiD

LoL. Welcome 2008.

Oh F*ck

2007-12-02 08:02:05 by s0uLzKiD

Yesterday that I was so happy that my music have scored so high and yeah....
when Today I saw my music it dropped from 4.51 to 3.39 sure got some people voted 0 for me...

But thanks for those people do really like my music =D.
thx alot...

=D Oh Weeeee

2007-12-01 09:06:12 by s0uLzKiD

Newgrounds still have some nice people though XD.
Finally have a song that have 4/5 XD
And Thanks waterflame for techno advice.

Now Feeling the pressure to do a part 3 of Uechno . O.o

Crap 0 voters

2007-11-25 06:20:52 by s0uLzKiD

Nah.Damn Crap Zero Voters.
If you think this was a piece of crap then how's your music?
Stop voting zero....sucker....
Kill me zero voters.You cant.
Try Learn how to do some nice music before jealousing.

How do ya guys make techno?

2007-10-28 03:41:34 by s0uLzKiD

I am a newbie to audio and started to make audio using FL express edition...
I was interested to make techno but I duno how to make those techno sound/synth..>_<
Suggestion? thx...

Damn Geografi and history!

2007-08-13 08:20:58 by s0uLzKiD

Tomorrow I gonna have a geografi subject monthly exam and the day after tomorrow I have a history exam!OMFG.....gotta start reading now..