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How do ya guys make techno?

2007-10-28 03:41:34 by s0uLzKiD

I am a newbie to audio and started to make audio using FL express edition...
I was interested to make techno but I duno how to make those techno sound/synth..>_<
Suggestion? thx...


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2007-11-01 14:09:38

Use the TS404 synth, the sytrus, or the wasp. they are all standard plugins in fl and should be there. beats is normally 4/4 in techno but 3/4 also works fine for a jumpy hardstyle kinda theme. stay true to the instrumentsd and dont blend in to much of other elements untill you really know what youre doing. that should do it! ;) good luck!

s0uLzKiD responds:

Thanks dude =D